Fachgebiet Digitale Signalverarbeitung (DISI)

Lecture Digital Signal Processing

Course of study

  • Bachelor or master



  • Due to the actual Corona regulations the lecture will take place online.
  • Learning material will be given on this web page for download.
  • There will be an online tutorial once per week probably on the monday date.
  • New information and course material will always be published on this page (not in the KIS).
  • Please register for the course in the KIS, here is the link to the lecture in the KIS: www.kis.uni-kl.de/campus/all/event.asp
  • Semester (recommended): 6. Semester
  • Language: English
  • Term: Summer semester
  • Number of lecture hours: 3

Required lectures

  • None

Required special knowledge

  • None

Goal of qualification

  • Knowledge of system theory of time-discrete systems
  • Knowledge of time-discrete transforms
  • System structures

Contens of the lecture

  • Discrete-time signals and systems
  • Discrete convolution
  • Difference equations
  • Sampling of signals
  • FIR and IIR digital filters
  • Fourier Transform and Discrete Fourier Transform
  • z-Transform

Academic achievement

  • Written exam
  • ECTS credits: 4


  • Board
  • Presentation
  • Matlab
  • Homework sheets


  • Proakis, J.G.;Manolakis, D.G.: Digital Signal Processing, Prentice Hall; ISBN-10 0-13-187374-1;
    UB KL Signatures: EIT 622/154, L EIT 112.
  • Script of the German lecture: (PDF)


  • Introduction slides (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Link to Proakis Digital Signal Processing (ebook). Only one person at the same time, please close after use.

  • Discrete time signals and systems (PDF) (With audio commentary) (Matlab)
  • Analysis and implementation of LTI systems (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Corresponding literature  (PDF)

  • The z-transform and its application to LTI systems (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • The z-transform (PDF) (With  audio commentary)
  • Homework #1 (PDF) (With solutions)
  • Homework #2 - #3 (PDF) (Solution #2) (Solution #3)
  • Homework #4 - #5 (PDF) (Solution #4 - #5)
  • Corresponding literature  (PDF)

  • Frequency analysis of discrete-time signals (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Fourier transform (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Homework #6 (PDF) (Solution #6)
  • Homework #7 (PDF) (Solution #7)
  • Corresponding literature (PDF)

  • DFT (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Filtering using the DFT (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Frequency analysis using the DFT (PDF) (With audio commentary) (Matlab)
  • FFT (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Homework #10 (PDF) (Solution #10)

  • Implementation of discrete-time systems (PDF) (With audio commentary) (Matlab)
  • Homework #8 (PDF) (Solution #8)

  • Digital Filters (PDF) (With audio commentary)
  • Homework #9 (PDF) (Solution #9)

  • The password for this material and the material itself is only for your personal use and must not be disclosed to third parties.
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